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       Before you buy another vinyl or plastic
            mass produced bag, consider a more
                               natural option......

  For centuries, bags have been made from textiles and yarns
          and proven to be durable and less invasive on the

          JamBag is a small home based business in Perth, 
       Western Australia that makes handbags and fashion
                 accessories using traditional home textile 
                        and yarn methods and techniques.
 Supporting small business means you are supporting people
      who strive to work outside mass production and provide
            quality products and services, employment options,
                             initiative, innovation and creativity.

                    Why a Handcrafted JamBag?

                 Handcrafted gives each item individuality.
                Using textiles and yarns in small quantity runs
                             ensures that each piece is unique.

           Different combinations of textiles and yarn are an
            artistic canvas to create everyday items that have a
                                               point of difference.

          JamBag creates quality products that are natural,
             individual,durable, reusable, and can be recycled.

          New Addition to the JamBag Family! 
                               JamBag Rescue......

    has been introduced as another initiative to contribute to
                recycling and reducing the waste footprint.

 JamBag Rescue is about rescuing handbags and accessories
      that may be new but unwanted,or been carefully used 
                                 but  are no longer required.

          These items are inspected, cleaned, and if required,
              refurbished* before being offered for rehoming.
Refurbishing may include minor repairs, replacement or additions to
        trimmings, handles, clasps, zips, linings to give the product zest!
   In producing a JamBag and in refurbishing a JamBag Rescue item new
    and good quality, clean, recycled components may be used to reduce
    wastage without compromising the quality or integrity of the product)

             Each JamBag Rescue item is rehomed with an
 Adoption Certificate providing rescue details, suggested care
                                and terms and conditions.

                     JamBag Mission and Values

                JamBag is about creating hand crafted bags and fashion
               accesories that, by the nature of their manufacture, will be
                                individual with artistic appeal!

            JamBag will continually strive to create quality products and
                  service that will satisfy and support recommendation

            Customers are valued for their support, input and feedback.

                  Each JamBag is made with care, attention to detail,
                              quality, aesthetics and durability.

                     JamBag strives to be environmentally aware.

               JamBag operates in a clean, smoke free environment


Email: jambag@optusnet.com.au

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